"This has nothing to do with me working for DC, nothing to do with me having worked in the bat-offices, this is just straight talk. This morning, I got to see an advance PDF of the upcoming GOTHAM ACADEMY by Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschel and Brendan Fletcher.
Holy shit, I have not been this excited about a Gotham book in years. I am not even remotely exaggerating. This book is beautifully written and GORGEOUSLY drawn. Scott Snyder and I are just agog at the coloring alone, and that’s on top of the innovative and eye-melting art of Karl Kerschel.
The script is cute (without being that fake pixie stuff that is becoming the new female cliche) but also has heart and brains and a ton of imagination. This book is GREAT. I absolutely loved it. Take my recommendation for what it’s worth. I am writing a book for DC and all, but this has nothing to do with that. I barely know the creators involved. My only bias is for great books.
This is the kind of book that sticks in your heart and needs to be re-read and ogled over. Seriously, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Tell your retailer you WANT GOTHAM ACADEMY. You will thank me."

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I have red hair
I have a degree in communication and computer science
I was trained as a librarian
I have saved a lot of bats and am a member of the local bat society…

See where I’m going here?